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Feb 24 11 - When Idiots Teach
not amused
Religions prof is an idiot of epic proportions who has no idea how to lecture and doesn't know his subject at all. He also never remembers what he assigned us to read and so I ca never be as prepared as I want to be because the reading that he assigned last week becomes completely irreverent to that session. And it annoys and frustrates the ever loving shit out of me because I paid a lot of cash for that class and I have no way of getting it back now. This was also the class that I was looking the most forward to as well so that's another layer on my rage cake. There are probably about three other intelligent/well read people in the class. This is important because the prof likes to make the whole class into one big discussion to try and cover up his incompetence and blatant bias towards Christianity, which, besides me and the three other smart/well read people, no one cares about because they're all white and Christian. It's extra annoying as well that when ever I attempt to add to the 'discussion' that he'll just basically restate whatever I say with extra 'ums' and 'ahs' for added emphasis. And today we got a bonus dose of sexism, white male privilege and idiocy while attempting to discuss oral vs. written tradition.

So, I'm just kind of pissed off.

On the bright side, my Marriage & Family course is brilliant. I think I'm going to really sad when it ends because the prof is just completely fantastic; which just makes the contrast between the two classes even more stark concerning the Religion course's shittyness. Granted, I accidently got the wrong edition of the book but I'll have that fixed soon enough and than all shall be daises and chocolates.
Jan 08 11(no subject)
good times

You are the Gadgeteer, the embodiment of steampunk technology.  Ironically, many of the things that most define your style are probably too large to easily carry about, but given the opportunity you would prefer to be seen surrounded by boiler engines, gear-driven calculators, and incredible automata.  Of all the steampunk fashion styles, you place the greatest emphasis on technological accessories, and you are the most likely to create elaborate gadgets that are as much a part of your outfit as your clothes.  You probably have goggles, but unlike most people you consider them to be for more than decoration.  Whereas most people might look odd carrying a satchel of tools around, for  you they may well be essential.  Above all, you remind everyone that what sets the genre apart from Victoriana is simply the level of technology.

snape's bitches
It's Christmas Eve and my dad's cursing out the oven. Again. Because he still hasn't hasn't figured out the silly thing works. So My sister and I are mainly the one doing the cooking as we point and laugh. *grins*
sunshine donna
This semester is over! WOO! I'm glad that's over with. Now all I have to do is veg and job hunt. Also, my grandpa is pretty freaking awesome because he's offered to help me out with college next semester which means I actally have money left over that I can use to buy Christmas presents and take three classes. *does a little dance* Which is awesome because I hate it when I get Christmas presents but I haven't given any. Makes me feel ridiculously selfish and scroogey even though I don't really like Christmas too much. I do like the giving and receiving bits though. Mainly I just hate how everyt year the fundies will get up in arms about the 'War on Christmas' and go on about how 'Jesus is the Reason for the Season' - it's really annoying. The Pagans had it first. *rolls eyes* Though I'm thinking about to a Christmas/ Christmas Eve (not sure) Mass this year because I've heard it's very pretty. At the very least it'll be interesting. And maybe I'll volunteer at a soup kitchen or charity. I've been meaning to do that anyway.

Also, my knitting is going very well. I've nearly got my fingerless gloves done along with my mum's and I'm starting on a new project. Fingerless Snake Mittens! (runningjackknits.blogspot.com/2008/09/its-here.html) I'm doing the snake in rainbow yarn and the actal glove in turquoise. It's going to be awesome. I'm pretty sure Lauren will love it. *grins* Plus I get a fox hat out of the deal. Not a fox fox hat but a felt one that looks like a fox. Just clearing that up.
pretty princess sam
I've messed up my sleeping schedule. Again. I'm fairly sure I'm still babysitting for the Conley's today but I'll have to call and make sure when it gets to be a more reasonable hour for that sort of thing. Plus I need to remind her about last week's pay. Still, at this rate I'm fairly sure that I'll have enough for next semester if I can convince my family that a college class is a perfectly good present and that they should ignore the way I've been drooling over certain corsets, skirts and lace-up boots during my internet wanderings. I can do without them but I need that class.

Also, I've gotten really bored of my current layout so I'm switching it to something else. Possibly adding a header. I'll get back to you on that.
not good
Didn't pass my driver's test. 45 dollars down the drain for nothing.

Fuck everything.
Nov 12 10 - No Dice...
not good
McDonald's was supposed to call me by now if I got the job, so I guess I don't have a job. Dammit. Still. What did I expect really? I mean the only job experience I've got is babysitting and who wants to take a chance when there are all of these way more qualified people who are out of work? It probably went to one of them.  Bah. It would have been really freaking nice if they'd taken me on so I could get those classes I wanted next semester. *sigh*  At the rate this job hunt is going I'm beginning to think I should just set up a nanny service and be done with it. I've got the experience and I'm certified for CPR and first-aid... It could work. I think I need to put some thought into this.. And possibly start going to my old church so I can get some more contacts. Because I'm certainly not going back for the religion. Way too much green jello delivered to my door. Well, I'll have to do some research. Or there's that bank teller position that I heard about. Might be something there.

knitting and NanNoWriMoCollapse )
sunshine donna

George, you are amazing. Keep on doing that please.
pretty TARDIS

"I once had this dream that there was this set of special bombs hidden all over the world. The bombs looked like hinged glass balls with intricate whirring mechanisms inside. Some were dangerous, some were good, all of them changed the universe in different ways. There was one, the perfect bomb, the one everyone searched for: the Love Bomb.

In the dream someone had found one of the bombs. A small group of us gathered on a hill and he showed it to us. It was beautiful; all the gears and spindles inside were different colors, working furiously. "Do you know what this is?" he said and smiled. Then for just a split-second, he opened it, and the world changed.

Huge flowers and trees burst from the ground and opened. Beautiful buildings of grand design shot up along the horizon. Birds that we'd never seen flew into the air, banners and streamers unfurled across the sky which was on fire with color and light. Everything seemed to dance and leap into the air and change color. Tears streamed down our faces as we saw it all, felt it all, as we felt this beautiful music and joy and love filling our lungs like too much air. And the whole world, the entire universe felt it.

When he closed the bomb, we almost tore him apart trying to get it back.

Today, all this purple hoopla, should be about combating all the meanness in the world with a ferocious goodness. What the hell is "different"? We're all fucking different. We're all WILDLY different. Just start loving everyone, because everyone's worthy of love. You put that love out into the sphere and it'll be felt. You open a love bomb." -

This is exactly what I feel about everything right now. All the utter shit that has been going down. Why can't we just shut the fuck up about how different is 'wrong' and grow the fuck up and get over ourselves? Because really, all it takes is to sit up, take notice and do something about what's been happening. Really. To not let people get away with being bullies and bigots because society considers them more important then the people that they are bullying.

So, stand the hell up and do something! Because no one deserves to be pushed to the point where they feel that life isn't worth living.
Oct 16 10 - Blah, Blah, Blah
sunshine donna
So, had a good day today. Was going to go job-hunting in Novi but decided that sleep was far more important which led to some very strange dreams about my mother and I shopping at Wal-Mart  with our car full of pizza boxes and cats while on on epic quest to find the Golden Dildo. During which we somehow bent time and space and the Doctor showed up and called us stupid apes. Yeah, I don't know either but I'm sure Freud would have a field day.

Sent in some more applications which I'm pretty sure are going to get ignored since my only work experience consists of babysitting. Speaking of babysitting, the Days had me look after their kids tonight which is awesome and my bank account is now thirty bucks richer. Which is also awesome. *grins* Granted, I can't spend it on anything fun since I'm saving up for next semester classes but thirty bucks is thirty bucks. *shrugs*
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