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tilt your head to the side
and keep asking why
I Am Alive! 
May 01 11
sunshine donna
I live! And I have a job! Yay! At least till the end of June or July. Which is not so yay. But still having a job is of the good. I'm a file clerk and it's kinda mind numbing sometimes; now that I've got the hang of it, but then I pretend that I'm Donna Noble and everything somehow becomes a little more epic. Because that's what Donna does.

Also, have recently discovered that I can't focus if I don't have a knitting project that I'm working on because I keep wanting to look through patterns and buy yarn if I don't have something taking up my attention. It's less dangerous to my money to have a project going. Think I might start an attempt at the Doctor Who scarf sometime soonish because that'll take me forever. Currently working on cute set of corset gloves that are working up pretty quickly. They should look like this (www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/corseted-mitts) when they're done. I'm doing mine in a stripy orange with gray ribbon. And it will be totally awesome.

Also, need to start working on that green bustle skirt for WorldSteam or it'll never be done in time. And it must! Because how else am I going to be the Head Librarian Mechanic of Endellion Gray the most famous mechanized library in Scotland without a lovely outfit that fits the part? Granted, the bussle skirt is intended more toword the masquerade ball bit of the con but I'm fairly certain that the point still stands. I think. For my not formal wear I'm thinking more riding skirt sorta thing that can go between pants and skirt at my will. Maybe something like this, www.ladiesemporium.com/store/002783.php, but in black and with more pockets. Sensible blouse, a matching vest and a nice tool belt and then we should be in business. Hopefully. And maybe a bowler hat for the hell of it. Because I like hats, mainly. I've got some ideas for mods but until I have everything I'm not going to go too crazy.

Shall try to update more often but no promises.
May 02 11 (UTC)
Oooh orange? Yesssss I love orange.
May 03 11 (UTC)
Yes. Orange is totally awesome! I'll show them to you
Thursday if you're going to be at the bookshop. I've nearly got the first one done.
May 03 11 (UTC)
Can't, I'm at prom this Thursday night! Dfjgkhdsaflkj.

Come over to my house or something. Anything. The Star Trek VHS tapes are collecting dust without someone to watch them...
May 02 11 (UTC)
WorldSteam? Are you, by chance, attending Steampunk World's Fair? I'm going to be there this year. It's my first con ever and I am ridiculously excited. I have no sewing talent, but my boy does, and he has made me several fabulous costumes.

And I'm glad you have a job! Even if it is only a temporary one.
May 03 11 (UTC)
No. I'm going to the World Steam Expo in Dearborn, MI. I'm volunteering as the staff baby sitter so I get free room and board. *grins* It's my first con too and it's going to be awesome.
May 10 11 (UTC)
Hi there. Added you as a friend, can't remember if I ever got back to you on the fandom meme.
May 14 11 (UTC)
Sorry for taking so long to reply. I'm fairly certian that you did get back to me, but if not.. Hello there! *grins*
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