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tilt your head to the side
and keep asking why
Staying Up Late 
Jun 19 11
warped her brain
Have finally gotten my new laptop and I love it so far. His name is Gabriel and I really hope that doesn't mean he'll start fucking with my head for the hell of it. Which is why I originally tried to name him Cas but it wasn't sticking so Gabriel it is. I'm basically settled in I just need to move over my ridiculously large iTunes library along with my old word docs and then I'm set. *dances*

M'kay, it ridiculously late right now so I'm going to get to bed. Have to watch the kids group at my parents church tomorrow. *glaces at clock* Well, more like today. Bah. I hope it isn't going to be like last week so I can some more knitting done. Hm. Maybe I can distract them with yarn in between to Jesus bits? It worked in the beginning at least...
Jun 21 11 (UTC)
Glad I'm not alone. My laptop is named Remus.

I have no idea how much this affects his efficiency during full moon yet. :|
Jun 24 11 (UTC)
Ha, no. *grins* Totally not alone. I name all the important tech in my life. My rice maker is currently called Kotetsu and my ipod is named House. Though generally just cal it Snarky.
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