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tilt your head to the side
and keep asking why
Taking A Level In Badass 
Sep 04 11
snape's bitches
I am crazy tired. But in a good way. I got up really early today to attend the UU church in Ann Arbor before I headed off to my sword class. It was interesting and definitely different from my parents church. Though not in a bad way, just not what I'm used to. I think I'll go back next week.

So after that I headed to my swordsmanship lesson. Today was my first one and it was interesting and pretty awesome. Turns out I'm too late to join up with the current Basic students, they're too far along for me to catch up to them. The next session of Basic starts up next month though, so it's not too bad a wait. Until then I'm just going to observe the current students and be the demo monkey for when they need a complete noob to demo what the other students doing wrong. Or to mock the way the Society for Creative Anachronisms teaches swordsmanship which is pretty hilarious since they're set up right next to us and can hear every word that Sal is saying.

I can't wait till I can get started. it's going to be amazing. *strikes pose* I'm going to be the best swordswoman ever! *grins*
Sep 05 11 (UTC)
Swordsmanship? That sounds awesome :D
Sep 05 11 (UTC)
Have sword, will travel and get things in life much easier!
Sep 08 11 (UTC)
oh man swordsmanship that is so fuckin sweet. hope you can get in on the new classes!
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